I’m Lainie, owner, founder, creator - whatever you want to call me - here at Britches Get Stitches; and this is Mindy - our almost 2 year old Great Pyrenees, and our Company Culture Officer. Mindy makes sure we take lots of walk breaks, snuggle when we need it, and to take moments to watch birds and bugs and flowers in the breeze. And snacks. Mindy is a big fan of snacks.
I love to create things - whether it’s baking, creating a garden or painting a picture (badly. My cookies are delicious but my painting are not 😂). I love to laugh, and to share laughter with others. I’m super excited to share our designs with you - and hey - if you hate them all that’s ok! We can embroider anything you create on pretty much anything you want. Need help bring your vision to fruition? We have a graphic designer that can work with you to bring your idea to life.
We’re going to be adding lots of things to the store regularly! Marj (our 15 needle embroidery machine and CSO - Chief Stitching Officer) is humming away, working her needles to the bone. But let’s be honest - she loves the attention.
So hi! Thanks for coming! We’ll be serving refreshments on the back patio at 4 😊

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Marjorie Stitches

Chief Stitching Officer

You can call me Marj! In addition to being beautiful (and quite witty) I'm the brains over here at Britches. You may have seen me on TV - the papparazzi are always following me around. Who can blame them?