It's a Fiesta!  A Cinqo de Mayo feast on a festive table.  Carne Asada Beef, Tortillas and all the fixin's!

Cinqo de Mayo Fiesta!

If you know me you know I love love love Mexican food.  If I'm sad you are 100% guaranteed to make me smile if you produce a taco.  So - of course - Cinqo de Mayo is the perfect opportunity to have a feast! The kind of feast you're glad you're at home for so you can become one with your sweat pants as you hoover down as much food as you can physically handle.  Also - no one judges you at home for spilling salsa fresca down your shirt - and I need that kind of environment :) 

This year the Best Husband Ever really outdid himself.  He spent a year perfecting the perfect tortilla recipe:

a plate of delicious homemade tortillas


And then there was the Salsa Fresca (yes that's mango in there!).  I have to say if you want to spend 10 minutes and impress your friends (and yourself) Salsa Fresca is the ticket.  Once you make your own you'll never buy the jarred stuff again.  OK - you'll still buy it because sometimes your show is starting and you need salsa NOW - but you know what I mean :)


a bowl of homemade salsa fresca

And don't even get me started on the carne asada (flank steak).

 grilled flank steak cooked medium rare

Even Mindy wanted some of that steak (and of course we gave her some!)
Mindy is eyeing the steak
Of course he also made guacamole and crema.  Crema has been a revelation!  
There were a lot of recipes for Cinqo de Mayo so we're sharing two of my favourites - Salsa Fresca and Tortilla's.  If we can make it yummy so can you!
Cheers, Lainie xo
The image is the recipe
The image is the recipe
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